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Which actions are available for you as a reseller, to manage a VPS?

  • First, go to Products - VPS - Overview.


  • Then you can click on details, to see an overview of the VPS.


  • From the actions menu at the details page, a couple of things can be done.


  • Renew

You can renew the domain for a period equal to the interval it already has.

  • Change

You can use this option to upgrade the VPS to a larger one. This will not affect any files on the server itself. A downgrade isn't possible.

  • Reverse

Here you can setup your Reverse DNS. This can be used to make sure the IP address translates into a domain name.

  • Open console

If you are not using a SSH client or the VPS is freshly installed, use this option to manage the VPS from a terminal.

  • Shutdown

This will shutdown the VPS in a proper sequence.

  • Stop

If the VPS isn't responding, use this option to force the VPS to shutdown.