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Unmanaged domains is a way to add domains to the Hostcontrol platform which are not actually registered on the platform itself. This allows you to treat the domain as if it's registered with this platform, meaning you can link it to services and plans present on the platform.

By adding a domain, the following things will happen:

  • A zone is created on the hostcontrol name servers which may be used
  • A domain with this name is added to the platform, which may be managed or deleted.

This feature is currently free of charge.


Via this this method, you can connect domains that you have hosted elsewhere. This is good in case you don't want to lose your registration period, or pay for a transfer. In case of a complicated transfer procedure, this can save a great deal of time.


The domain may be used on the Hostcontrol platform; however, most domain actions (like removing transfer locks or retrieving the authcode) have to be done at the actual registrar/domain manager. DNS may be managed, but the Hostcontrol name servers will have to be used. These are:

- ns01.hostcontrol.com - ns02.hostcontrol.com - ns03.hostcontrol.org

To see how to add an unmanaged domain to the platform, click here. To see what default DNS records you'll need to point the domain towards our hosting or email, click here.