Set hosting prices for customers

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How do I create prices for my hosting plans?

Follow these steps to set prices for your hosting plans:

  • Log in to your Reseller Area
  • Go to Products -> Hosting & Email -> Customer prices


  • Click on Create behind the plan you wish to add the prices for



  • Fill in the variables. This means setting the prices, and the period for which you want to offer the plan.


  • Click Save to apply.

If you do not have hosting plans set, check the article on creating hosting plans for more information

Which variables can I set?

Hostingprices specs.jpg

  • Interval - This the time before a renewal of the plan is needed. For instance, your customer buys hosting or email for three months
  • New - This is the price set for a new hosting or email plan
  • Renew - This is the price that your customer pays after the set interval to continue to his hosting or email plan
  • Selectable - This will result in the plan showing in the shop