Set domain prices for customers

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      1. How do I set prices per TLD?

Follow these steps to set your Customer prices per TLD:

  • Log in to the Reseller Area
  • Go to Products -> Domains -> Customer prices


  • Go to Create to set a price for your TLD


  • Fill in the prices and choose the interval. By checking the selectable box your customers can purchase the domain from the store


  • Click Save to apply changes and repeat the steps for all TLD's you wish to sell.
      1. What costs are applicable per TLD and why?

The following costs can be defined per TLD:

  • Register - Initial registration of a domain
  • Renew - Domain is already registered and will be extended with another year
  • Transfer - Domain is registered at a different provider and you want to register it with another provider
  • Restore - Domain was deleted and went into redemption. To have it active again, you will need to restore it
      1. How are prices visible in the shop?

To see how the prices show up in the shop, go to (LINK).

      • All prices visible in this article are examples. This does not represent actual prices.***