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The RP API is an alternative method to communicate with the Hostcontrol platform, more reminiscent of a supplier API where product integration happens in your own application. This article contains a link to the documentation, and will summarize the main differences between using the Reseller Area and the RP API.

The RP API is interesting to people who want the following:

  • Complete freedom to implement a product flow which is not supported through Storefront or Reseller Area
  • Use a third party application for billing, payments, support AND customer management.
  • Want to integrate Hostcontrol as supplier, rather than full-cloud automation suite

Download the documentation here.

Last updated: 28-05-2018



  • Reseller Area uses customers
  • Products are connected to customers
  • Customers have contacts and products
  • Support tickets are connected to customers
  • There is a graphical user interface to add products to customers


  • There is a storefront that allows customers to sign-up and create products and Customer accounts.
  • The storefront contains label settings and pages created with the reseller.


  • Domains must be linked to Hosting Accounts.
  • Email addresses require domains linked to hosting accounts.
  • DNS settings automatically are set up when linking


  • Hosting plans can be managed in the interface
  • Hosting plans can be deleted, or changed in the interface.



  • There are contacts - no customers
  • There is no GUI
  • Sign in using basicauth over HTTPS, as a reseller.


  • You do not have a storefront
  • You do not have label settings
  • You only have transactions.


  • There are API's available for all products
  • There are API calls available for all supported product actions (Create, Renew, Delete, Change)
  • Products are loose objects on the API.