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Important policy restrictions

We would like to inform you about new policy restrictions on the use of platform services and products. These restrictions apply to resellers, customers and contacts from various countries that are subject to sanctions by the international community. No Refunds can be give of deposits that are under $35 due to handling fee's.

Transaction checks

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, we will introduce automated checks of transactions and contact details in our platform. Transactions can only be completed successfully if the contact details of resellers, customers and contacts comply with fore mentioned restrictions and are proven to be correct. All contacts and products that as of today do not pass the checks will be flagged. Renewal of these products will not be possible, regardless of the contact details at the time of the actual renewal.

This will have consequences for resellers and customers in all tiers of your account. Please inform your resellers and customers about this important change.


Starting July 18, 2017, resellers, customers, and contacts that are subject to policy restrictions cannot:

  • Create new accounts
  • Create new products
  • Transfer domain names to our platform

As of August 18, 2017, pricing of services and products subject to policy restrictions will be increased significantly. This will affect the pricing of:

  • Renewal of existing products
  • Getting domains out of redemption

Starting November 18, 2017, they cannot:

  • Add funds to their account balance

When the sentiment in the international community changes for the better, we hope to strengthen our relationship.

Change of administrative contact for transfers

We have announced new policy restrictions in our email of July 14, 2017. Unfortunately our company is not able to offer you any sustainable solution for the products and services affected by these restrictions.

We can only advise you to find another vendor, and gradually transfer your domain portfolio there within the next 12 months.

Please rest assured that we will do our utmost to help you transfer these domains. We have no intention to withhold or delete any domains.

Change of administrative contact

Starting July 21, 2017, we will set your contact details as the administrative contact for all the domains in your account (including those of sub-resellers) that are affected by the policy restrictions. This process will take a few days to complete. Transfer authorization The change of administrative contact will enable you to authorize the transfer to another registrar yourself. Please make sure your new registrar will send a Form of Authorization (FOA) to the domain’s administrative contact.

Our registrar, Realtime Register, will automatically send out a FOA email in your name to the registrant to accept or reject the transfer. Please inform your customers to either ignore this email, or accept the transfer by following the link and clicking “Accept”.

Note: the transfer will fail when the registrant follows the link and clicks “Decline”.

To start the transfers out, you will need the auth codes for your domains. These can be retrieved using our API, or through the Reseller Area when viewing domain details.We can provide exports for resellers with over 1,500 domains. Please contact our support department for this.