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Open Exchange is a license-structure which can be applied to mailbox. Each license unlocks a greater set of features (usability) that allows the mailbox to used with extra connectivity options, and sharing options. Each license adds to the previous one (so a Pro license also contains the Basic and Business benefits). Passively, this also increases mailbox size.


A **Basic license** starts with the "normal" options which can be used with any mailbox: Based on the [type of plan](https://kb.hostcontrol.com/Create_hosting_plan) you have created, connectivity options are available as you have chosen them. This may include:

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP

The email client settings remain the same.

Additionally, this type of license offers a few other services which can be used in the webinterface. This involves:

  • A task manager which allows tasks to beset.
  • A portal system which allows widgets to be set.
  • A agenda/planning system which allows appointments to be set.
  • Settings which may be used for customisation.
  • An external connector which may be used to [POP external mailboxes]().

A Basic license is always free, for any duration, and may be sold to any user. Mail box size is limited to the Hostcontrol default (max 2 GB). A user may upgrade to another license at any time.


A **Business license** extends the options with the basic license as follows:

  • Mail box size set to 10 GB.
  • Drive size set to 5 GB
  • The contact manager becomes active, allowing the user to manage contacts
  • Documents may be viewed online (Word, Text)
  • Folders may be shared with other users which use the same domain.
  • Tasks may be set for users under the same domain.

The focus, again, is extending the connectivity of the plan. A Basic license is suitable for the basic user. A Business license is meant to satisfy a more demanding user with more options, as well as a larger mailbox.


Finally, the **Pro** license finalizes the options by offering near Microsoft Exchange-functionality.

  • Mail box size set to 25 GB
  • Drive size set to 5 GB
  • Active sync is activated, allowing the mailbox to be used like an Exchange account (thus syncronising **all contacts, tasks, agenda's and Drives** for that mailbox to all configured devices).

The Pro license is geared towards providing a budget-proof solution for SMB's in an environment that's easy to use.