How to migrate your portfolio

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You are new to Resello and want to migrate all your domains to our platform. That is great to hear, but what is the easiest road to walk for you?

We have multiple bulk functions to help you out. We will go over them in this article.

All bulk functions use the CSV-format to import data.

      1. Bulk create customers

First step is to create all your customers in one go. You will later migrate your domains to these customers.

  • Login to your reseller area through
  • Go to "Customers"
  • Go to "Actions" -> Bulk create customers
  • Paste your CSV data in the designated box
  • Click "Continue"
  • Now select the specifics settings you want the customers to have
  • When done, click "Continue" and your customers will be created.

Sample of your CSV-string:
"Organisation 1","First name Last Name","male","Address line 1","1234 AB","Zwolle","NL","Overijssel","","+31734377859","","",true

      1. Bulk transfer domains

Next up, now that the preparation is done, we will transfer the domains to their specific customers.

  • Login to your reseller area through
  • Go to "Customers"
  • Find the customer you wish to transfer domains to and click on "details"
  • Now go to "Customer actions" and click "Bulk transfer domains"
  • Paste your CSV-data into the designated box
  • Check your data and when correct, click on "Continue"