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For a detailed Quick Start Guide that is designed to get you up and running asap, please check out the **Hostcontrol Quick Start Guide** by clicking this link.


Now that your account is verified, there are some settings to consider before you immediately start reselling. Each of these will impact how your account will work.

Hostcontrol can be used in several ways. Below are the settings with the greatest impact on individual accounts. Additionally, you may find a few sub-articles which provide default settings to set up your account quickly.

High-impact settings

  • To auto-renew or not: You can set auto renewal in the General Settings at Settings in the Reseller Area. This auto renews all your products, but will not impact renewals settings of subresellers.
  • To invoice or not: You can set your own template for your invoices. To do so, go to Finance -> Invoices -> Templates. These allow you to brand your invoices.
  • Tax rules: You can set your own tax rules for your invoices. Per default, these are not set. To do so, go to Finance -> Invoices -> Tax rules. You can set different percentages for different countries.
  • Accepted countries: You can sell your products in any country you want per default. If you want to rule out specific countries, do this at Settings -> Label settings -> Customers.
  • Sections Customer Area: By default, display of all products tabs is on. You may want to turn certain things off to prevent customer confusion. Do this at Settings -> Label settings -> Customer Area and check out the boxes you do not wish to be shown.

Specific guides

There are some advanced setups or business models which require more settings to complete. These are linked in the articles below: