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        1. First steps in Resello

When your account verification is completed succesfully, your account will be fully enabled. Before you get started with reselling, attracting customers, and setting hosting plans and domain name prices, there are a few tricks to keep in mind in order to optimize your reselling business.

- Higher pricing slabs mean lower costs across the board for domain names. You can raise your slab by expanding your domain portfolio. A faster way to increate your slab is to make large deposits. To check our prices and slab levels, check

- Automation means less effort for the same money. We encourage you to check out our guides on our wiki. These allow a quick start for some business models, and a guide for powerful automation.

- A storefront shows professionalism, allows automated domain checking, and branding backed by an extensive system that caters to your customers needs as well as your own.

- In case you have a feature you would like to request, have something you would like to discuss, or advice you would like to ask, please contact us via a ticket. Our support desk is available to help you out.