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Branding your domain emails is a multi-step process. In order to brand your emails for your domains, please start by doing the following

  • Creating a brand contact means first creating a contact which we can use to brand your emails with. Start this by creating a generic contact:


Once completed:


  • In order to brand your email, you will need to add our registrar information as a designated sender by adding information into the SPF record. Please add the following to the SPF record for the domain you are sending from:


    By extension, this means that Gmail, Hotmail or Ymail will not work.

  • Next, assign the generic contact via Settings > General, as Domain branding contact


  • When the contact is assigned, you will receive an email from Hostcontrol on the given email address to confirm your brand. Confirm this email by clicking the link, and approving the branding request on the web page


  • Once confirmed, your brand will now be used. You may also begin editing information in the templates. To see what you can change and edit, please see our detailed branding guide