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How do I organize the Website Builder orders in the Reseller Area?

To list the orders for Website Builder plans, log in to your Reseller Area, and go 'Products' -> 'Hosting' -> 'Overview'. You will see a listing of all the different packages which are active for your customers.

Currently, it's not possible to search these. We recommend looking for the customer instead.

How do I set the renewal reminder interval for website builder plans?

To set the renew interval reminder, log in to your Reseller Area. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Label Settings'. Under renewals, set the amount of days. A customer will receive a notification before his products expire.

How do I enable auto-renewal for Website Builder orders?

To set the products to auto-renew, log in to your Reseller Area. Open the storefront for which you wish to set the renew interval reminder, and open the Settings tab. Under renewals, check the box for 'Automatically create renewal orders'. As soon as the renewal notification is triggered, the product will be renewed, and the customer will be presented with an invoice.

How do I suspend, or unsuspend a Website Builder plan?

To suspend a domain of one of your customers, open your Reseller Area. Next, search for the domain in question. Select the domain, and open the details. Lastly, uncheck the 'Is customer manageable' box.

To restore the domain to the customer, simply check the box again.

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