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      1. What if I wish for another guide, or another feature to be included?

If you need a feature or guide, do not hesitate to contact us through a support ticket. Go to 'Support' -> 'Request support from Resello' and send us your request.

      1. What do I do if I can't solve a customer's issue?

When you are not able to solve an issue for one of your customers, you can always send us a support ticket. To do so, go to 'Support' and then select 'Request support from Resello'. Here you can make a ticket of your own and we'll look at the issue.

      1. Which commands or macro's can use when writing a fast response?

For a full list, please see our Support FAQ which contains a list of the available binds. Some common ones used: - The name of your customer; - The contact email address of your customer; - Your label name; - Your currently active URL.

      1. How can I view which status a ticket is set to?

To see a list of your tickets, log in to your Reseller Area. Open the Support panel, and proceed to 'Overview' to view a list of tickets. By default, this list sorts on Open and In Progress. You may change the filter to see Closed tickets as well.

Additionally, you may find all the tickets for a specific customer in his account, at the Support tab.

      1. How can I view which status a ticket is set to?

To check what status a ticket has, log in to your Customer Area. At 'Support' -> 'Overview' you can see a list of tickets. The status is displayed in the middle column.

      1. How can I have a template auto-fill certain fields?

There are several options to have a template filled with the customer name and such. The most commonly used are the following:

The name of the primary contact - often the customer
The brand name of your label.

(link_goes_here): The link to your primary URL in the label settings. You may also add elements behind the link, such as /support/ or /domains/

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