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How can I change the payment methods for my Storefront?

To change or add payment methods to your Storefront, log in to your Reseller Area. Go to 'Finance' -> 'Payments' -> 'Payment methods'. There you can change the payment method by clicking on 'modify'.

How do I create or change a discount for a domain free with a hosting plan?

To create or change a discount, log in to your Reseller Area and go to 'Products' –> 'Discounts'. Click on 'Create' to create a new discount plan.

Why are some discounts not visible in my storefront?

Some discounts may not be visible to your customers in the Storefront. This could be because of local cookies, or because the discount rule is not set properly. Please check your discount rules if this is the case.

If the discount rule appear okay, please let us know in a ticket. We'll be happy to find the issue.

How do I give a specific customer a unique deal?

In case you wish to give a customer a specific deal, log in to your Reseller Area. After logging in, identify the order the customer placed under the Invoices tab. Deliver the products, and create a custom invoice for the price you wish.

How can I change my brand name?

Log in into you reseller are and go to 'Settings' → 'Label settings'. At the top of the screen you can change your brand name.

How can I set my own support information?

To set up your own support information, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Support' -> 'Departments'. Here you can set up multiple departments.

How do I change the interface?

To change some of the interface settings, log in to your Reseller Area. At the 'Settings' tab, go to 'General settings' to change localization settings.

How can I add a payment service provider to my storefront?

Log in into your Reseller Area. Then go to 'Finance' → 'Payments' → 'Payment methods'. On the next page you can go to 'Actions' → 'Add payment option'. Fill in the fields an click on 'Save'.

How can I add Adyen to my storefront?

To add Adyen to your storefront, create a skin you wish to use in Adyen to determine your payment options and such. Set the HMAC codes for test and live, and test the skin before adding it.

To use Adyen, log in to your Reseller Area. Open 'Finance' → 'Payments' → 'Payment gateways' and select 'Add Adyen account'. Name it as you please, and give the Merchant account (your account name with Adyen), the Skincode which you can find in Adyen, and the HMAC live secret. After that, it works.

To attach Adyen to your storefront, open your storefront and go to 'Finance' → 'Payments' → 'Payment methods'. Selecting the 'Add payment method' option will present you with the Automatic option. Select this option, then select your Adyen account to enable that payment method in your storefront. Payment methods will be the same as those you set in your Adyen skin.

How can I add a system email?

To add a system email, log in to the Reseller Area. Open 'Support´ -> 'Templates'. Click on 'Actions´ -> ´Create support template' and fill in the details. Use the category System emails and click on 'Save' to apply.

How can I change a system mail?

To change a system email, log in to the Reseller Area. Open 'Support´ -> 'Templates'. Click on the template you wish to change and fill in the details. Click on 'Save' to apply.

Can I integrate Google Webmaster Tools with your interface to monitor traffic?

To integrate Google webmaster Tools, log in to your Reseller Area. Open 'Settings' -> 'Label settings', and click on 'Storefront editor'. Here, you can add the tracking code to the pages you wish to track.

How can I change settings for my entire customer base?

To change settings for your entire customer base, log in to your Reseller Area. Open 'Settings' -> 'Label settings'. In this tab, you can change settings for the entire label. Keep in mind that these settings affect your entire customer base, and/or sub-resellers you have.

How do I set which countries can register?

Log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Label settings', click on the desired label and open the Customers tab to see which countries are currently enabled for registrations.

Where do I set where expirations, renewals, and orders are handled?

To set where expirations, renewals, and orders are handled, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Label settings' and open the 'Renewals and Orders' tab. Here, you may set the options as you wish.

Where can I set which reminders my customers receive?

To set which reminders your customers receive, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Label settings'. Select 'Invoicing', and then 'Configure (optional) reminders for open invoices'. Adding a reminder allows you to set the interval, the template used for the reminder and whether it's enabled or not.

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