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What if a payment of a customer/sub-reseller bounces?

In case of a payment bounce, you can find more information about the reason under the customer's profile. Log in to the Reseller Area, and visit the customer's profile. Select 'Finance' -> 'Payments' -> 'Overview', and click on 'Details' on the failed payment. On the next screen, 'Show' the payload to see a more detailed error.

How can a sub-reseller/customer restart a payment?

A customer can restart a payment in his Customer Area. For a payment to be started, the invoice should be open. You can set the invoice state under 'Finance' -> 'Invoices' -> 'Overview', or under his customer profile. To do this, log in to your Reseller Area, and look for the customer using the search function. Under his Invoices tab at the details page, check the state of his invoice.

Resellers have the option of making a deposit directly, if you allow them. To allow this, log in to your Reseller Area and open the Storefront. Go to 'Settings', and open the Resellers sub tab. Check the box which is marked with 'Accepts deposits'.

How do I check the payments which my customers, and sub-resellers made?

To check payments that were made on your account, log in to your Reseller Area. Go to 'Finance' -> 'Payments' -> 'Overview'. Here you can see all the payments made by your sub-resellers, and customers.

How can I see a list of my transactions?

To see a list of all your transactions, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Finance' -> 'Balance' -> 'Transactions'. Here you see your transactions.

Which payments have I received from my customers and/or sub-resellers?

To view your payment traffic, log in to your Reseller Area. Next, head to the Billing tab, and select 'Payments'. Here you may view all the payments conducted by your customers, and what the result of those payments was.

For resellers, view the Transactions tab. This will list your payment traffic with Resello and your resellers.

How can I view the status of a customer payment?

To see about a specific payment from a customer, and the result, log in to your Reseller Area. Find the customer for which the payment is conducted, go to 'Details' and open his Payments tab. Find the payment in question, and check the result. To check specific information from Adyen, click on 'Details', and select 'Show' at the payload column.

Which orders did my customers make?

To see a list of orders, log in to your Reseller Area. Under the orders panel, you may view a complete list of orders that were placed, and by which customer they were placed.

If you wish, you may view a list of orders specific to a customer by opening that customer's account, and selecting his Orders tab.

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