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How do I organize the domain names in the Reseller Area?

To list the domain names, log in to your Reseller Area, and go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview'. In this tab, you can find the registrations, arranged chronologically. If you are looking for a specific domain name, use the search function. These are only the domains that are registered at your direct customers, not sub-resellers."

How do I change the default name servers used for registrations?

You can change this at your Label settings at Settings > Label Settings > Domains. When going to the name servers, you can enter the name servers that you wish to use. Remember that this can also affect the linking of hosting and email plans. Name servers will be then reset to the default name servers to ensure it works.

How do I transfer a domain name to another registrar?

To transfer a domain to another registrar, log in to the Customer Area. Go to the Domains tab, and find the details of the domain you wish to transfer, then open the Authcode tab. Give the code displayed to your new registrar to move the domain.

Keep in mind to keep your auth code safe, and only give it to the receiving registrar. Additionally, some domains may have an exceptional transfer procedure, or different requirements. Check our Domains FAQ for more information regarding these.

How do I change the auth code for a domain?

It is not possible to change the auth code for a domain. The auth codes that are displayed are the codes directly drawn from our registrar. These are automatically correct.

If, for any reason, an auth code prove incorrect, or require a change, please submit a support ticket. In this ticket, explain your request, and why another auth code is required.

How do I suspend, or unsuspend a domain name?

To suspend a domain of one of your customers, open your Reseller Area. Next, search for the domain in question. Select the domain, and open the details. Lastly, uncheck the 'Is customer manageable' box. To restore the domain to the customer, simply check the box again.

Why does my forward/DNS forward not work?

Occasionally, a forward will not work. There are several common causes to this.


  • The server which hosts the redirected URL blocks this type of forwarding;
  • The URL is misspelled;
  • It may take a while (allow for 8 to 24 hours before it works).


  • The server does not recognize the hostname;
  • The IP address is wrong;
  • DNS update (again, 8 to 24 hours).

How can I set the default name server information?

To change a customer's registration data, log in to his Customer Area. You can do this through your Reseller Area, or simply explain the process to the customer. Find the domain at 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview', and choose to edit the name server information.

It's not possible to change the default name server information for your customers. Linking domains through the Customer Area is only possible through our own name servers. As such, this can only be done on a domain by domain basis.

How do I register a domain at Resello?

To register a domain, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview' and go to 'Actions'. Choose to Register a new domain. Fill in the details and click on 'Show quote' to go to the next step and see the costs. Confirm to register the domain.

How do I transfer a domain to Resello?

To transfer a domain, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview' and go to 'Actions'. Choose to Transfer domain. Fill in the details and click on 'Start transfer' to apply changes. Do not forget to provide the auth code at the Domains tab if applicable.

Which domains are about to expire?

To see if a domain is about to expire, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview'. In the list of your domains, you will see a 'yes' in the expires column.

Which domains have been deleted?

To see domains close to expiration, log in to your Reseller Area. Go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview'. Select the 'Deleted domains', and press 'Filter' to apply. You will see the domains which have been deleted by your customers.

Which domains are being transferred by my customers?

To see which domains your customers are currently transferring to you, log in to your Reseller Area. Go to 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Transfers'. You will be presented with a list of transfers.

How do I change a IPS tag?

There are two different procedures for changing the IPS tag for a domain:

  • Outgoing transfers: The customer can provide you with the new IPS tag, when he/she wishes to move a domain to another provider. You can then send this IPS tag to the registry and they will initiate the transfer.
  • Incoming transfers: The customer can use the normal procedure to transfer domains. The reseller will receive an email from the registry with the correct IPS tag. Send this IPS tag to the customer and they can initiate the transfer at their old provider.

What do the different whois contacts represent?

There are four different whois contacts:

  • Registrant: the registrant is the person or company that registered the domain.
  • Admin: this is the contact that can be used for administrative purposes. This usually is the reseller.
  • Billing: this is the contact that can be used for billing purposes. This usually is the reseller.
  • Tech: this is the contact that can be used for support purposes. This usually is the reseller.

These contacts can be changed by adding Generic contacts at 'Settings'. You can enable the contact at the Storefront. Go to 'Settings' -> 'General' and then the Domains tab. Select which contact you wish to use and click on 'Save' to apply.

Who is Realtime Register and what is their role in my business?

Realtime Register is the registrar we use to register domains. This company has a 10 year experience and is a very reliable partner. They can also provide your company with domain registrations.

How do I restore a domain from Quarantine/Redemption?

You can restore domains from 'Products' -> 'Domains' -> 'Overview'. Search for the domain and go to 'details'. Go to 'Actions' and click on 'Restore'. Save to apply changes.

How do renewals work on *.uk?

For a lot of TLD's there is a renewal grace period after the domain expired which gives you time to renew, even if the domain expired. The period differs on every TLD but often takes up to 30-45 days.

For all *.uk domains the renewal period is 13 days prior to the expiration date of the domain. The choice of auto renewing the domain has to be made before renew grace starts.

What happens if auto renew is enabled?

  • Your domain will be renewed like it usually does.

What happens if auto renew is disabled?

  • Your domain will go into redemption on the first day of renewal grace, that is 13 days prior to the expiration date.

If you wish to prevent this, enable auto renew on the domain level, or renew the domain manually before entering renew grace.

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