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These settings allow you to set whether you want invoices to be generated. If this is on, your customers will receive Hostcontrol-generated invoices in their Customer Area.

To turn invoices on, first open your Label settings:

Set currency.png

  • Next, move to the Invoicing tab:


  • You will arrive on the next screen:


  • Enabling invoices means invoicing are generated per order.
  • The option "credit invoice on order cancel" makes sure a credit invoice is created if the order is uncompleted. This keeps reporting accurate.
  • The invoice sequence and template will be set to default automatically. Editing these is explained in our invoice article


  • Finally, invoice reminders may be set to be sent. In order to set these up, open " Configure (optional) reminders for open invoices".



  • The interval determines how soon after the creation date the reminder is sent.
  • The template determines which support template is sent.
  • The enabled checkbox turns this reminder on and off.