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        1. Registry

.co Registry

        1. Transfer procedure

a .co transfer is started with an authcode.

        1. Requirements

Anyone may register a .co domain.

        1. Class: (CCTLD of gTLD)

ccTLD, but treated like a gTLD for most intents.

        1. Grace renewal

.co does not have a grace renewal window. .co domains are deleted 1.5 days in advance of auto-renew (presuming auto-renew is off) to prevent undue renewals.

        1. Redemption

The redemption of a .co domain is always 30 days. After the 30 days, the domain will go in grace delete for 5 days after which it becomes available again.

        1. Other

com.co is a SLTLD of .co; this is free for registration, but encouraged for local organisations with a commercial interest.