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        1. Registry


        1. Transfer procedure

The IPS-tag has to be changed by the current provider to the new providers' tag.

        1. Requirements
  • .uk is devided in different second level domain names (SLDs), for each type SLD there are different rules:

.co.uk For commercial companies .me.uk Fro individuals .org.uk For commercial companies and organisations .ltd.uk Only for registered trademarks .plc.uk Only for registered trademarks .net.uk For internet service providers

        1. Class: (CCTLD of gTLD)


        1. Grace renewal

Not supported. Additionally, *.uk domains have an odd renewal proces, which shows the domain name as deleted 13 days in advance if auto-renew is not on. The domain will remain in use, but will not be renewed if auto-renew is off 13 days before the expiration.

        1. Redemption

Not supported

        1. Other

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. At least two character has to be in the domain name (not only numbers). You can't start or end a .*.ukdomain name with a ("-") sign. You can't begin with ("xn----").