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        1. Registry

The .ca TLD is operated by the CIRA registry.

        1. Transfer procedure

A .ca transfer is transferred using an authcode. The transfer is synchronous, and should happen in a few days.

        1. Requirements

A registrant wishing a .ca TLD should provide .ca information. This means establishing the legal type of the registrant, which may be one of the following:

ABO Aboriginal Peoples indigenous to Canada
ASS Canadian Unincorporated Association
CCO Corporation (Canada or Canadian province or territory)
CCT Canadian citizen
EDU Canadian Educational Institution
GOV Government or government entity in Canada
HOP Canadian Hospital
INB Indian Band recognized by the Indian Act of Canada
LAM Canadian Library, Archive or Museum
LGR Legal Rep. of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
MAJ Her Majesty the Queen
OMK Official mark registered in Canada
PLT Canadian Political Party
PRT Partnership Registered in Canada
RES Permanent Resident of Canada
TDM Trade-mark registered in Canada (by a non-Canadian owner)
TRD Canadian Trade Union
TRS Trust established in Canada

        1. Class: (CCTLD of gTLD)

ccTLD (Canada)

        1. Grace renewal

Not supported. Apart from that, explicit renewals are not supported.

        1. Redemption

Redemption is not supported for .ca domains. All domains auto-expire, and become immediately available.

        1. Other

When a .ca domain is first created, an email is sent to the registrant email address. This email **must** be confirmed, since CIRA deletes the domain within 7 days if it is not.