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        1. Guide: WHMCS

This guide is designed to connect your account with WHMCS, with all the automation provided by WHMCS. It assumes you will

  • Connect your WHMCS account with your Hostcontrol account, using the Hostcontrol module
  • Manage domains and customers in WHMCS, creating accounts there,
  • Perform all customer management and contact through WHMCS,

        1. Settings
  • Turn off auto-renew
  • Enable notifications for watermarks.
        1. Balance
  • Set watermarks at Finance > Balance > Actions for the balance that suits your account balance.
          1. Label settings
  • Resellers: Enable “Accept reseller signups” and set no templates, including for password resets.
  • Resellers: Disable: “Set deposits”
  • Customers: Disable “Enable customer verification” and make sure all default templates are disabled for the e-mails. Select all countries (bottom).
  • Domains: Enable “External nameservers default enabled” and “Custom DNS default enabled”
  • Invoicing: Disable invoicing
  • URL's: Do not add a label URL.
  • Customer Area: Disable everything.
        1. Retrieve API key
  • Find your API key under Dashboard > Label. This is a a key with 5 x 10 alpha-numerical characters.
        1. Connecting WHMCS

1. Download the module from [here](https://github.com/hostcontrol/whmcs/archive/hostcontrol-whmcs-module-18-dec-2014.zip). 2. Unzip directory hostcontrol 3. Upload directory hostcontrol to /modules/registrars/ on the WHMCS server 4. Access your WHMCS Admin Area 5. Use the navigation menu to go to “Setup -> Domain Registrars” 6. WHMCS detected the HostControl registrar module 7. Click the Activate button 8. Insert your API key and click Save