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        1. Steps for verification ####
  • Your account starts as unverified after signup
  • You can set some of the settings for your account already, these are mentioned below
  • To get your account verified, you need to make a deposit. Do this by following the steps below
  • We manually verify your account after you made a deposit. When we can check the payment with your details, we verify your account. If not, we ask you to send us a copy of your ID and verify your account with it
  • Your account is now verified and you are ready to start reselling products.
        1. How do I make a deposit? ####

Follow these steps to make a deposit:

  • Log in here
  • At the Finance box, click Deposit


  • State the amount and choose a payment method


  • Walk through the steps of your chosen payment method
  • Verify your payment method and check your balance at the dashboard

The deposit has to be a minimum of $ 25,-. The deposit can be completely used to buy products in your account. Please ensure that your payment account details match the details you provided during signup. We can check the details with the following payment methods: Credit Card and Paypal.


If you choose a different payment method such as Webmoney or CashU, or if your deposit is made with details that do not match the account holder, please send a copy of the individual paying the deposit so we can verify the payment. You can send this to and your account verification will be processed.

        1. Which actions are possible when unverified or verified? ####

While your account is unverified, the following actions are possible:

  • Set currency**
  • Making a deposit
  • Set label options
  • Adjust general settings
  • Create customer accounts
  • Set up your storefront, label and branding options
  • Connect your account via API
    • Do this at the Label settings -> General. Remember, this can only be done before you have customers and/or products.

The following actions are disabled:

  • Processing orders
  • Creating custom products
  • Creating custom invoices
  • Creating subresellers
        1. Signup denied ####

If your deposit and ID can not be verified, we deny your signup. Please stick to the procedure to prevent us from denying your signup.