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There are multiple procedures for transferring a domain. You will find all four below.

Transfer to Hostcontrol

To transfer a domain, log in to the Reseller Area. Go to Products -> Domains -> Transfers and go to 'Actions', choose 'Transfer domain'. Fill in the details and click on 'Start transfer' to apply changes. Do not forget to provide the authcode if applicable.

Transfer to another provider

To transfer a domain to another registrar, log in to the Customer Area of the customer where the domain is registered.. Go to Domains and find the details of the domain you wish to transfer. Then open the Authcode tab and give the code displayed to your new registrar to move the domain.

Keep in mind to keep your auth code safe, and only give it to the receiving registrar. Additionally, some domains may have an exceptional transfer procedure, or different requirements. Check our Domains FAQ for more information regarding these.

Transfer to another customer

It is only possible to move products (domains or hosting) from one customer to another if both customers are under the same reseller.

In order to do this, please select the customer to which the product belongs. Then go to Actions -> Move products, and follow instructions.

Transfer to another reseller

A transfer to another reseller works the same as a normal transfer. You have to start the transfer from the new owner with the authcode when applicable.

Cancel a transfer

You may cancel a transfer by using Actions > Cancel. Cancelling a transfer also stops this transfer at the registrar.