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The Hostcontrol system comes with a large amount of support templates which may be edited, created, and automatically sent for a large amount of events. This article focuses on creating support templates and how to do so.

Formatting a support template

In order to provide formatting to your support templates, we use a form of template language referred to as Markdown. The original source of this may be found here. For your convenience, we've added the most conventional uses here

Creating a support template

  • To create a support template, open Support > Templates:


  • You'll see the larger support screen.
  • Your preset templates will be present at the lefthand side. Selecting one will bring up the template:

Hele ding.png

  • The current template you are editing will be in the edit field. You can make changes to the currently set template here:


ERRP templates

Several templates will always be sent in your account. This concerns the ERRP (Expired Registration Recovery Policy) templates, which are required to be sent before any GTLD expires. The templates will always be sent; you are given the option to brand them here.

  • To brand them, select the template on the lefthand side:


  • The ERRP text shows up in the lefthand edit screen. You can now edit the text, and complete it using the "Save" button below.