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The Storefront is an integrated webpage, which contains the following elements:

  1. Availability check for domain names
  2. Brandable banner
  3. Support form which connects to the back-office.
  4. A shopping cart which may contain all the products you add in your back-office.

The Storefront itself is a HTML-based CMS which you can use to create a professional looking storefront. Per default, we will create an unbranded Storefront which you may brand and update to fit your own needs.

  • To get to the storefront, open the Label Settings:

Set currency.png

  • Next, click the Storefront Editor button to open the Editor:


By adding a logo in the Storefront Editor, a logo is added to the Customer Area of your customers, as well as via a banner on your Storefront. This is by far the easiest method to brand right away. Simply upload a logo of the predefined dimensions to set this immediately.


Predefined templates

  • Template selection; we offer a shop-only implementation which is minimal and allows you to set up everything yourself, and a white-labelled store in which you can change elements to suit your needs:



Customizing your storefront

To customize your storefront, you can include HTML element and edit pages. In order to add this information, upload what is necessary:

  • Pages are pages which you can reach on your storefront;
  • Includes can be used to re-use small pieces of HTML on different pages. For example: display a promotion on different pages throughout your site.
  • Layouts are used with pages: they provide a standard header and footer. You can have multiple layouts for different sections of your site.
  • Use a CSS file to style the content on your site. You can also try different ready-to-use themes.
  • Use media to include pictures, video or downloads in your site. After uploading you can include the media when editing a page.


Clicking one of the files will bring up the code editor. After clicking save, the edit will be live instantly on your Storefront: