Resending validation

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This guide will help you to re-send a validation email to your customer.

You can check the customer's validation status in their contact details. It is also possible for you to resend the validation email from there.

Please follow the following steps to see the current validation status and to resend a validation email.

  1. Search the domain in the searchbar at the top of the page.
  2. In the search results, click the customer behind the domain.
  3. Go to the tab 'Contacts' and next click 'details' on the right behind the contact details.
  4. You will see 'Validation', a blue link on this page on the right side. Click this.
  5. The validation status info will fold out and you can tick the boxes where needed (General is for gTLD's such as COM, NET, ORG etc). You will notice the customer is not validated at this point, or the validation is pending.
  6. Once the appropriate boxes are ticked, click the button 'Start' under this block.

You have now re-send the email.


For more information about ICANN validations, click here.