Reseller templating

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Reseller templating

Reseller templating is a feature allowing you to copy a number of settings to newly created resellers. This saves times when setting up accounts for your subreseller.

The following settings are copied:

All product categories, plans and prices for customers and resellers

  • Domain prices for customers
  • Domains for resellers
  • Hosting for customers
  • Hosting for resellers
  • Ox for customers
  • Ox for resellers
  • Custom products for resellers
  • Mcs pricelist settings for resellers
  • Vps prices for customers
  • Vps pricelists for resellers
  • Invoice sequences, templates and tax rules
  • Custom basic payment gateway
  • Payment methods (manual, custom basic)
  • Initial balance (can be used for promotions)
  • All general settings (sets email address to the reseller email address)
  • All label settings
  • Optional reminders for open invoices
  • All support templates and categories
  • Discounts rules
  • The storefront
  • Configured table view filters
  • Business rules
  • All linked price lists

The following things are not copied:

  • MCS pricelists for customers
  • Custom product pricelists for customers

How to use

  • When creating a new reseller, an option is at the bottom of the "Create reseller" page:

When this option is filled with a reseller reference, the above settings will be copied from that reseller to the newly to be created reseller.

Reseller reference create.png

Automatic usage

  • This option is also available in label settings. When it is set up in this way, it will automatically apply this reseller template to all newly created resellers:

Reseller template label setting.png