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Since our registrar has signed the ICANN RAA 2013 contract as every ICANN accredited registar has to, some procedures have significantly changed for generic TLDs.

    • This is explained in-depth** in our mailing: [[1]]

Registrant validation for gTLD domain names

The registrant is required to validate personal information in the following instances:

- after domain name registration - before domain transfer - before a contact update.

Validation will be initiated for all new generic domains. This will occur **once** per contact, and will be valid for all domains registered.

The registrant will receive a request for validation per email. The validation is handled in a white labeled website.

If validation is not completed, the domain will be registered, but will not resolve. This will remain in place until validation is completed. The domain page will contain a message to check the registrant mailbox for verification.

After confirmation, the domains will become immediately active. Domains registered before 1 September 2014 are not affected.


Keeping the above in mind, the validation process will impact several processes. These are covered in the flowcharts below:

    • Basic facts**:

- During any request for validation, an e-mail is sent to the registrant. - Mails will be sent via our system address, Hostcontrol. - Replies on these mails will be forwarded to our customers. - This will trigger once per contact (when registering or starting a transfer), or once per contact update (when updating).

    • Transfers**

- For a transfer plus update, you may receive two emails: One for the validation (on the e-mail address provided), and one of the transfer (to the current owner).

    • Updates**

- When updating an existing contact, the domains will remain active; the validation will just be necessary to process the update.

- When updating an existing contact, the **new** email address provided will receive the validation email.

    • Registration**:


    • Transfer**:


    • Update**:


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