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In order to allow a subreseller to sell domains, you will need to set him a price list. The price list determines the prices he will pay to you in order to purchase the domain.

How can I create or modify a reseller domain price list?

  • Go to Products > Domains > Reseller prices:


  • Click Actions > Create selling price list


  • Name the price list as desired (slab 1, 2 etc)
  • Select the Tld Currency and set your own prices for domain create, transfer, trade etc.


  • Click Save to apply

Which currencies are supported?

We support multiple currencies for the resellers. Use the currency drop down to view the list of currencies we support.


How can I assign a price list to a reseller?

  • Go to customers and select the customer
  • Choose Reseller actions > Modify


  • Choose the pricelist from the “Domain price list ” drop down menu.
  • Click Save to apply changes

How can I see my own prices?

  • Log in to your Reseller Area
  • Go to Products > Domains > Purchase prices