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If you want to offer a reseller hosting, you will need to set prices. This guide explains you how to set it.

How can I create or modify a reseller hosting price list?

Follow these steps to set reseller hosting price list:

  • Go to Products > Hosting & Email > Reseller prices


  • Click Actions > Create price list


  • Name the price list as desired (slab 1, 2 etc)
  • Select the Currency
  • Set the prices for website builder, E-mail, Bulk and Resource hosting
  • Click Save to apply changes

How hosting price lists are tiered

Which currencies are supported?

We support multiple currencies for the resellers. Use the currency drop down to view the list of currencies we offered.


How can I see my own prices?

  • Go to Products > Hosting & Email > Purchase prices


How can I enable/disable a reseller for hosting ?

  • Go to the customers and click details

Customer select details.png

  • Choose Reseller actions > Modify


  • Check or uncheck the option “Can sell hosting products to customer” to enable or disable a reseller for selling hosting
  • Click Save to apply changes