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Postpaid account setup

Your Hostcontrol account can support different business models. This guide will show you the settings required to work with a postpaid model. In short, this means:

  • Renewals will process automatically. The reseller will pay for renewals up front, and receive payment from customers afterwards.
  • Focus on customers rather than resellers.
  • High focus on reminders to receive payments.
  • Higher account balance, fewer watermark settings.
  • Automation focused on creating invoice reminders.

This guide will only focus on how to include this business model. How you choose to handle customers, resellers and which products you wish to sell is a personal choice independent of business model.

For this, please refer to our ** extensive automation guide**.

Process and expected customer life cycle.

Resellers using this model are depending on customers to pay for their domain renewals beforehand. This requires the reseller to function with a relatively high account balance, topping up to pay for renewals. Orders will continue to process as long as the reseller pays attention to his mailbox and tops up if required.

Customers receive extensive invoice reminders. The renewal is already financed; all that remains is for the customer to pay the invoice. The reseller should explicitly mention this in his terms of service, to prevent customer confusion.

Unintentional domain loss will not happen using this business model. Every renewal is explicit, so grace renewal is often not an option. Domains will be moved to redemption when they are explicitly deleted before they are renewed, either by customers or the reseller. A benefit of this business model is therefore that on average, you should be paying for fewer redemptions.

The invoice reminder days in this guide are indications. Should you wish to send more reminders, you are free to add extra reminders; just be careful about spamming your customers with renewal reminders. To see how to set up a reminder, check our settings page.



  • If this box is checked, products in your account will renew automatically 1.5 days in advance of their expiration date. This will continue until they are explicitly deleted. Products will not wait for payment or delivered orders. If your balance is too low to auto-renew, the product will not be renewed (and may pass into redemption or grace renewal).
  • Notifications are optional, since your domains will be automatically renewed.

Label settings


  • Check "delivery requires verified customer"
  • Make "cancel uncompleted orders" blank. This is mainly to keep the orders open. If you want to clean up overdue orders (for whatever reason), set a very high number (above 30).
  • Use the default notification e-mail.


  • Set the Customer Area renew interval to 15 to enable your customers to renew before this time.
  • Configure two reminders (14 days and 7 days) to use a renewal reminder template. These reminders are purely set up to allow customers to renew their domain beforehand (and thus cover a part of your costs beforehand).
  • Feel free to set up additional reminders at any days, should you wish.


  • Enable invoicing, use default invoice sequences.
  • Set both the default templates. Brand them as you see fit.
  • Set up invoicing reminders, one at 5 days, one at 10 days, and one at 15 days. You may write the templates at Support > Templates. Considering the renewal is already paid for, this is to trigger your customer into paying for his domain renewal.
  • Consider turning "Credit invoice on order cancel" off. This will force you to manually check each invoice, which is a good check to see if a customer still owes you money.
  • Feel free to set up additional reminders at any days, should you wish.


  • Invoice templates
    • Edit the default headers and footers in the Invoice settings to brand your invoices
  • Tax engine
    • Set up the tax rules for your country in our Tax engine
  • Balance
    • Top up your balance sufficiently.
  • Set watermark reminders
    • Set about 3 reminders for your currency (100% of your "normal" balance, 60%, and 20% as emergency).
    • Your normal balance should logically be enough to keep your business running for at least a week. Considering you cover your renewals beforehand, your balance will be higher than usual.