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A payment gateway is an automated method of processing payment, by connecting an external payment provider to Hostcontrol. Hostcontrol can then handle payments using this gateway, and collect payment data.

Supported gateways

Hostcontrol currently supports a number of gateways. Details are explained below.


Adyen is a payment gateway focusing both on local payment methods and credit cards. More information may be found at

Please see our detailed guide to see how to add this information.


Paypal is a global payment platform which is known for providing accessible secure web-based payments. More information about this payment gateway may be found at

For Paypal, several bits of information are required. These are:

  • API username
  • API signature
  • API password
  • Paypal E-mail

The information for setting up and creating these details may be found at

After that, simply fill in the generated information to set up your payment gateway with Paypal.


Webmoney is a Russian-based payment provider aimed at an internal balance transfer system (using purses). Users add funds to their Webmoney account and can use this to pay to other purses.

You will need your webmoney purse ID, and your secret key. Both can be requested through WMKeeper.


Cashu is a payment gateway often used in India or similar territories. To add this gateway, you will need to fill in some information:

  • Gateway name
  • Merchant ID (account name)
  • Secret Key (can be found in your Merchant account)
  • Interface language of the payment page in CashU: Can be Arabic, Farsi, or English.
  • (Optional) two field for display text, both for your own documentation and for the customer
  • (Optional) Service name in case that you use multiple payment pages in CashU.


CCAvenue is a payment gateway aimed at the Indian market. Due to extensive fraud checks on payments resulting outside of India, this is best employed for national payments in India.

However, when set up, CCAvenue provides a native option for debit cards, phonebanking, credit cards, and netbanking. Read how to set this up in our guide.


We offer a custom payment gateway, allowing you to integrate your own code with Hostcontrol.

Our extended documentation is available on the custom payment gateway documentation


You may also add a manual payment gateway (like information for a bank account). This is nothing but an open text field to be displayed when a customer or reseller starts a payment, allowing them to place the order.

The difference between a manual and custom payment gateway is that a custom payment gateway collects the payment state of an invoice automatically. A manual payment gateway is dependent upon reseller input.

    1. Payment methods

After adding a gateway, you still need to add it per label to make it available to your customers.

To do this, you may create a payment method for that label.


  • Create a payment method via Finance > Payments > Payment methods, and use Actions > Add payment method to begin the process.
  • You should see the gateways you've added, including the manual ones.
  • Name the payment method; this is the description your customers see.
  • Add a description
  • Add a rate if so desired.
  • Select "Save" to add the payment. After adding, it can be used to process payments.