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Task options

The task list can be used to schedule tasks for a given day, allowing one to plan one's work day effectively. The agenda is generally used for meetings that may be planned ahead, while tasks are preferred on the given day.

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Add task

Adding a task adds the task to the overview. You can add a description about the task to remind yourself what it was about.

Ox task02.png

Expanding the form gives you more options:

  • A start date
  • A due date
  • A reminder option
  • Detailed status options
  • Priority manager
  • Adding attachments and/or participants

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Manage tasks

Once a task is added, you may perform several functions on it:

  • Log progress (as percentage)
  • Edit the task
  • Move the task to a different folder
  • Change the due date
  • Delete the task
  • Complete the task (to show it is done)

Ox task03.png

Interface options

The interface supports several options that make managing tasks easier. These are common throughout the entire Open Exchange backend, and so appear in various other tabs.

Adding folders & Sharing folders

You may also add folders which may be shared across users. Check the gear Icon > Permissions to see which users can gain access to the task, and what their options are in terms of management. More on this is discussed in the advanced feature article.

Toggle folder visibility

Folder display may be toggled via this button.


The search function may be toggled to look for a specific task.