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OX drive is a file-sharing application which works cross-platform to share files. There are several apps which make file sharing easier between devices.

Ox portal8.png

Upload file

Uploading a new file adds it to the Drive space of that user. The file may then be accessed via any app or web-browser.

You may also add a description to provide extra information.

Ox drive01.png

Sharing files across users

Open Exchange focuses on connectivity. Part of this connectivity is expressed by allowing other users, in the same space, to share files. This feature, combined with a rights management system. In this case, this is defined as a public and private space:

Ox drive02.png

This is covered in our article on advanced features of Open Exchange.

Interface options

The interface supports several options that make managing tasks easier. These are common throughout the entire Open Exchange backend, and so appear in various other tabs.

Toggle folder

Folder display may be toggled via this button.


The search function may be toggled to look for a specific file.


Visibility allows you to show the uploaded files as tiles, icons, or as a list.


Guidance gives you general statistics about how your space is used.