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This allows you to change the interface for the various functions of the OX frontend, and shows which user you are logged in as.

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The portal is the entrance portal for your OX environment. This allows you to add widgets to customize your user experience.
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Add widget

This allows you to add any of the available widgets:

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  • Inbox: Allows you to see if you have mail
  • Appointments: Shows upcoming appointments
  • Tasks: Tasks which are upcoming or overdue (24 hrs).
  • Birthdays: If you keep birthdays for your contacts, shows an update within 12 weeks of that date.
  • Twitter: In case you connected a twitter feed.
  • Quota: How much of your mailbox you have filled.
  • Recently changed files: Which files on your drive were recently edited or updated.
  • My latest files: Which files were recently added.
  • RSS feed: Adding an RSS feed to your portal
  • User data: Showing information of your personal profile (as the user).

Customize this page

Takes you to the options screen so you can customize your Portal page further.

  • Change display order of the widgets
  • Change color for the widgets
  • Remove widgets

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