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Open Exchange mail is a web-based mail program for the Open Exchange suite. The mail client was designed with interface flexibility in mind, and continues in the spirit of allowing for optimum connectivity. The webinterface is, in that regard, a simple yet powerful web portal that supports basic functions.

Your mail interface contains the various folders for your email, like your inbox and related folders, but also the ability to add a mail account. This also manages your basic e-mail functions (like drafts, sending and saving emails).

Ox portal4.png

Inbox, sent items, drafts, trash, spam

Ox portal5.png

These are the folders your mail ends up. These folders will also syncronise over IMAP, if you configure this on your device.

Toggle folder view

This toggles the folder view on and off, allowing you to see more of your inbox.


Searching brings up a search bar with various items.

Create new mail folder

This is a new folder you can create to store mail in, by dragging it in.

Adding an external mail account

You can connect an external mail account, like Gmail or Hotmail to your account, via POP3 or IMAP. This allows you to see all your email in one interface. This is covered in a separate article

Mail settings

Some settings impact mailbox behaviour. You may find these under the Settings tab (top right corner, gearbox icon).

These are the following:

  • Automatic contact saving
  • Inlining threads or making separate messages
  • HTML or plaintext
  • Setting sender address (in case you connected multiple mail accounts)
  • Asking for delivery receipt
  • Signature management