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The calender allows you to add appointments, and manage time and scheduling across users. This is useful for keeping track of meetings, and can be used for personal reminders as well.

Interface options

The interface supports a few display options:

  • Toggle folder
  • Search
  • Visibility

These are designed for usability.

Create new agenda and appointment

It is possible to create a new agenda (eg for personal agenda, work agenda) instead of just one agenda. Each agenda is independantly visible. This allows one user to maintain several agenda's, like one for personal appointments, while another may be a shared business agenda.

Ox portal7.png

The agenda may be divided in working weeks, weeks, months, or a list of days. This helps to keep the overview on appointments.

These may be shared across the entire space of users.

Adding and editing appointments

Doubleclicking into any free space in the Agenda opens the Add appointment screen. Doubleclicking on an existing appointment opens the Edit screen. Functionally, these are both similar.

An appointment supports a wide variety of options. These options may be set when creating the appointment, and edited later:

  • Generate reminders.
  • Invite different members of your space.
  • Make a recurring appointment
  • Make an appointment private, which means it will never be shared.

Ox cal01.png

Appointment sharing and global agenda

You may also share these agendas with several people by using Permissions: If you click the gear Icon next to an agenda, you can choose which rights you want to give to users in the same space. This is extremely useful if you want to plan meetings or appointments for several people at all once, especially when combined with the advanced syncronisation options

This is covered in our advanced feature article