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The contacts tab allows you to manage/see all available contacts which you have saved in your account. You also have several export and import formats which are supported (gear icon)


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Add contact

Adding a contact means you can add a contact to your address book. This offers a wide range of fields.

Add distribution list

A distribution list is a mailing list. You may add contacts and email addresses to a list here. Emailing the "list" address will mail to all these addresses.

Toggle folder

Folder display may be toggled via this button.


The search function may be toggled to look for a specific contact.

Contact options

After adding a contact, you may do several things:

  • Add personal information like titles and emails
  • Add contact information or notes

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Contact management

  • Edit his details
  • Delete the contact
  • Printing the contact
  • Moving the contact through folders
  • Sending the contact as a vCard

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Sharing contacts across mail accounts

Contacts may be shared across several users in the same space, allowing you to keep a global address book for your users. You may read about this in our article on advanced features.