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      1. Signup

You can signup by going visiting our website. Fill in the form and click "Sign up" to send the form. Do not forget to agree to the Reseller Master Agreement.

You will then receive a welcome email with further instructions for your account.

        1. Verification

After you signed up, we will verify your account. Verification is done through your first deposit in your account. This is a deposit of minimum of $ 69.-. We will check this payment and see if the details match your account.

          1. Prefered payment methods

We prefer the following payment methods:

  • Webmoney
  • Paypal

These methods allow us to verify your contact details.

          1. Declined or approved

After verification we can approve or decline your sign up. When we approve the account, you will receive an email and you can begin to use all the options in your account.

When we decline your signup, you will also receive an email with extra information that we need from you. Mostly this is a copy of your ID. This needs to be an English version. We cannot accept documents in other languages.

If we could not verify your account after we received the extra information, we decline the signup and will close the account.

        1. Lock

When your account isn't verified, the account is not completely manageable. See in the table below which options are enabled and which are disabled.

Making a depositProcessing orders
Set label optionsCreating custom products
Adjust general settingsCreating custom invoices
Create customer accountsCreating subresellers
Set up your storefront, label and branding options
Connect your account via API