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This article details what a reseller can do in a customer account in the Reseller Area.



Allows you to view the following:

  • The label he is currently under
  • His verification status
  • The tags added to this accounts
  • The IP for his sign-up



This screen shows you the events that occurred within the account, and the status. Various filters are available.



Account-specific settings include:

  • Name server/DNS options (can be turned on and off)
  • Enabling/disabling a customer
  • Fraud tagging (disables ordering)



Contacts are the handles domains are registered on.


Modifying information

By pressing modify, you may add general information, as well as registry specific information.



Logins determine the login name and whether the customer may log in. Per default, this is the e-mail address the customer originally submitted.



The domains present in the customer account. All the domains may be managed through the Details page.



All the transfers this customer has active in his account. The details page shows more information about each transfer, including which action is still required.



The hosting plans present in the customer account. You may suspend a hosting plan by moving to Details.



The SSL certificates present for this customer. The details page shows for which domains these certificates are active.



The invoice present in the customer account, along with their status. The Details page allows you to see the associated payment and order, as well as the status of each.



The payments via the linked payment gateways which the customer made, along with their status. The Details page allows you to see the associated invoice and order, as well as the status of each.



The orders the customer made. The Details page allows you to see the associated payment and invoice, as well as the status of each.



The support ticket this customer has filed, to which a reseller may reply, comment, and close and open.



To manage your customers, you have several options available as a reseller:


Login as customer

This logs you in to the Customer Area, and as a customer. After logging in, you can perform all the actions described in the article about the Customer

Move products

This function allows you to move products across the same level. This includes hosting plans and domains.

To move products:

  1. Select the "Move" function on the account you want to move products from.
  2. Fill in the customer data of the customer who you want to move products to.
  3. Select the domains you want to move.
  4. Select the hosting products you want to move.
  5. Confirm to move the products to the new account.

Register a domain

This registers a domain without creating an invoice and without a customer ordering.

Transfer a domain

This starts an incoming transfer for a domain without a customer ordering. During the transfer, you are free to fill in hostnames you want to use as name servers.

Keep in mind that the customer still needs to authorize the transfer in case of FOA-dependant domain transfers.

Bulk transfer domains

A bulk transfer can be used to start several transfers at once. Submit the data in a CSV format to start each transfer.

Add hosting account

This creates a domain without creating an invoice and without a customer ordering.

Create invoice

Creating an invoice will follow your default invoicing setup in Hostcontrol. You will be able to set the fields and create a draft before opening it visibly to the customer.

Create outgoing support ticket

You may open a new ticket to the customer via this method. The customer will see the full ticket in his open tickets; he will also receive a notification on his e-mail.

Promote to reseller

Gives the customer all the rights of a reseller, and a separate login as a reseller. You can assign a price list to him in this action as well.