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Using or not using auto-renew determines largely of what happens with product renewals in your account. This is an important decision which affects your business model.

How to manage auto-renew

  • In order to determine auto-renew, go to Settings > General Settings


  • Next, spot the auto-renew checkbox under Renewals.


Consequences of the auto-renew setting

If this box is checked, products in your account will renew automatically 1.5 days in advance of their expiration date. This will continue until they are explicitly deleted. Products will not wait for payment or delivered orders. If your balance is too low to auto-renew, the product will not be renewed (and may pass into redemption or grace renewal).

  • If this box is unchecked, products will expire normally and will not be auto-renewed.
    • For GTLD domains, this means they enter grace renew.
      • Domains in grace renew will not resolve, but may be renewed against normal cost for 39 days after expiration.
      • While in grace renew, the domain will show as expired and will not resolve. When the domain is renewed, DNS resolution is restored.
      • Grace renew is *only* supported by most gTLDs; ccTLDs will often not support this. TLDs that do not support grace renew will move to redemption if they expire.
      • Domains not renewed will move into redemption and may be restored against the restore cost of the domain.
    • Hosting plans that are not renewed will be lost. Data on them can not be retrieved.