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Invoice settings

Invoices draw from several settings; this article gives more information about these settings, and how to change them.

Invoice sequences

A sequence is an increasing numeral string which serves as a unique identifier for an invoice. You can create a new invoice string at Finance > Invoices > Sequences by the Actions menu, of modify the default string:

  • First, go to Finance > Invoice > Invoice Sequences:


  • After that, you will see the invoice screen with the default string defined.


  • Here, select the Actions button and select "Create new invoice sequence"


  • Here, you will be presented with several options:
    • The label determines what the string is named.
    • The current value determines what the string will start at.
    • The minimal length determines the length of the invoice string. This may cause padding (extra 0's being added).


Invoice templates

Templates may be used to brand your invoice by setting a header and footer text. This allows you to customize your invoices to show your brand to your customers.

  • First, go to Finance > Invoice > templates:

Invoicing settings 1.png

  • After that, you will see the invoice screen with the default templates present:


  • Start defining an invoice template by using Actions > "Create invoice templates"


  • After that, you will see the screen where you can add the invoice information.
    • The name is a identifier for the template set.
    • The Top right text will appear in the top right of the invoice
    • The footer text will appear at the bottom.