Invoice settings

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Invoice settings

Invoices draw from several settings; this article gives more information about these.


Invoice sequences

A sequence is an increasing numeral string which serves as a unique identifier for an invoice. You can create a new invoice string at Finance > Invoices > Sequences by the Actions menu, of modify the default string.


  • Label (Optional label to identify your sequence when using multiple sequences)
  • The current value of the sequence
  • The invoice length (if it is less than the length, the ID is padded with zero's to the length specified, ex. 0001 for length 4)

Invoice templates

Templates may be used to brand your invoice by setting a header and footer text. You may edit or add this text at Finance > Invoices > Templates. You can fill out the two fields that show up to reflect what you want it to say.

This text will be present at every invoice you create.