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Invoices allow for several manual actions, described below.

Creating a manual invoice

Creating a manual invoice via the Invoice > Overview panel allows you to edit the invoice as usual.

  1. First select the customer you want to add this invoice for.
  2. You will be presented with a draft invoice. Fill the invoice lines as you see fit, adding with the '+' sign and removing with the trashcan sign.
  3. When you are ready, select 'Save'.
  4. The invoice state will be changed from Draft to Open. This means your customer will be able to see the invoice through the Customer Area and will be able to pay for it using the normal payment methods.

Closing an invoice

An invoice with the status 'Open' may be set to 'Closed'. This action will also be visible to your Customer. A closed invoice cannot be paid, and is considered paid by Hostcontrol.


An invoice with the status 'Closed' may be set to 'Open' again. Invoices with the Open status can be paid normally by customers.


Creating a credit invoice creates a new invoice (status Draft) with the exact opposite of the invoice lines of it's parent invoice, effectively crediting it. You can edit it, and set it to Open. A customer cannot pay these invoices, and refunds will have to pass manually from a bank account or payment gateway.


Invoices with the 'Draft' status may be deleted.