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Slimsite is a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder. These plans may be ordered per piece and offers the user access to a simple website construction tool.

Billing for Slimsite plans is done on a per piece basis, and they are billed monthly.


Slimsite is scalable with the following options:

  • No adds
  • Extra pages
  • SMTP access
  • POP3 access
  • Extra space
  • Extra mailbox space
  • Pre-designed professional templates
  • Extra features

Each of these options will increase the price per piece, but increase the usability of the plan as well.


This plan is optimally used when:

  • Offered to users who wish to create a simple website, with little time and effort
  • Are new to building websites
  • Wish to have something online quickly

White label options

Rebrand our Slimsite platform to match your company’s style. The Slimsite branding guide (PDF) describes which components you can customize and/or brand( download PDF ).

Host Slimsite yourself (on-premises) - setup options

Publish websites as static files on your traditional shared hosting environment

You have full control over the server setup and all aspects of the hosting environment. Resello does not need access to your infrastructure and there are no additional maintenance fees. We charge an implementation fee of $ 500 for this scenario and a minimum commitment of $ 500 per month (counting 6 months from start).

Note: there are some limitations on the interactive parts of hosted websites in this setup. These limitations mainly concern form support and password protection.

Publish websites to an application server in your own data center

Hosting published Slimsite websites on an application server* offers a huge cost price advantage compared to a traditional shared hosting environment in terms of scalability and performance. We offer this setup to resellers with an expected volume of at least 2500 published websites and an average customer base of 50,000. In this setup, we will manage these application servers for you at an additional monthly fee of $ 500 and $ 250 for each additional application server.*

  • Application server: this is where Slimsite websites are hosted after they’re published.*

Other options

The Slimsite editor is the publishing infrastructure end users use to log in and build their website. Generally speaking, it is not possible to host the publishing infrastructure in the data center of a reseller. However, if legislation requires that the publishing infrastructure itself should be in the same country as the end user, we are willing to talk about a solution (also depending on the minimum commitment of the reseller).


In order to supply Slimsite via the RP API, the IDs are necessary when POSTing a hosting account. These are listed below, referencing to the plans shown on the Resello website:

 1 | A 
2 | B
3 | C
4 | D
5 | E
6 | F
20 | G*
21 | H*
22 | I*
23 | J*

Plan contains Ecwid e-store - please see the Ecwid page for information.