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IRTP-C in a nutshell

The Inter Registrar Transfer Policy is an ICANN policy, going into effect on the 1st of December, 2016. Goal of the policy is to prevent domain theft. This is achieved by asking both the old and new registrant for confirmation when the information in the registrant handle is changed.

Basic mechanism & concepts

Material change is a change in contact information of the registrant handle. This may be because a new handle is assigned, or because the information in the handle is changed.

Process refers to an action performed. It may cause a material change. A process can be a transfer, update, or assigning a domain to new handles.

  • When a process causes a material change, a number of emails are (already) sent:
    • In the case of an update or domain update, validation, in case the new contact is not validated yet.
    • In the case of a transfer, a transfer FOA (for gTLDs) and possibly a validation.
    • As part of IRTP-C, we will send an extra email to the old registrant. This email asks for his confirmation, in case the process contains a material change.
  • The new and old registrant have to both confirm the material change. This is mandatory for the process to proceed.
    • As part of our implementation, you will be able to brand the email templates which are sent out for IRTP-C
    • This allows you to inform the old (and new) registrant as you see fit.




Who is required to implement IRTP-C?

Every ICANN registrar who operates under RAA 2013. Essentially, everyone who offers new generic top level domains.

What tools are available to me to implement IRTP-C?

Within our Reseller Area, we will add the templates that allow you to brand the communication to your registrants, old and new. These templates will also exist on our RP API, so that you can use them on the API if necessary.

What can I do within Resello to brand these emails?

The emails used for branding may be found within your Support menu, in your Reseller Area. Here, you can add extra text that will allow you to brand these emails:

Domain-templates system.png