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      1. Guide: Full automation

This guide is designed to give you a fully automated start using Hostcontrol entirely.

  • Automate account creation wherever possible,
  • Use the invoicing in Hostcontrol, brand your invoices, and set up tax rules,
  • Use our Storefront to brand, market, and get your business started,
  • Create branded invoices, support e-mails, responses.
  • Provide support to customers through Hostcontrol
        1. Settings

- Make a choice to turn auto renew on or off. This is not a choice to be made lightly, as this will impact your business model.

- If this box is checked, products in your account will renew 1.5 days in advance of their expiration date. This will continue until they are deleted. Products will not wait for payment or delivered orders. - If this box is unchecked, products will expire normally and will not be auto-renewed.

   - For domains, this means they enter grace renew. 
       - Domains in grace renew will not resolve, but may be renewed against normal cost until 39 days after expiration. 
       - While in grace renew, the domain will show as expired and will not resolve. When the domain is renewed, resolution is restored.
       - Grace renew is *only* supported by most gTLDs; ccTLDs will often not support this. TLDs that do not support grace renew will move to redemption if they expire.
       - Domains not renewed will move into redemption and may be restored against normal cost.
   - Hosting plans that are not renewed will be lost. Data on them can not be retrieved.

  • Set up notifications for both items on an e-mail address you own and can easily access, both for domains and for
        1. Label settings
          1. Resellers

- Disable “Accept resellers without verification” and set the default templates provided. - Set the new reseller template as you intend - Set up the acceptance of deposits and provide a good minimal amount tailored for your resellers - Set the standard template for password resets

          1. Customers

- Make sure all default templates are set for the e-mails. - Enable customer verification - Disable captcha - Enable fraud detection - Check all the countries at the bottom

          1. Domains

- Enable “External nameservers default enabled” - Enable “Custom DNS default enabled”

          1. Orders

- Check "delivery requires verified customer" - Set "cancel uncompleted orders" to a number of days you feel is fit to keep your Reseller Area clean. - Use the default notification e-mail

          1. Renewals

- Configure two reminders (14 days and 7 days) to use a renewal reminder template. - Set the Customer Area renew interval to 15 to enable your customers to renew before this time.

          1. Invoicing

- Enable invoicing, use default sequences - Set both the default templates

          1. URL's

- Add a label URL, and point the A-record for this domain to the IP provided. - Do not make this primary just yet until you've set everything up.

          1. Customer Area

- Disable everything you do not plan to offer to your customers as management. - Considering you want to offer everything; consider leaving everything enabled.

          1. Storefront Editor

- Choose the full store template - Edit the pages as you see fit, include an FAQ in HTML, and design and brand until you are satisfied. - Brand with a logo

        1. Finance

- Invoice templates

   - Edit the default headers and footers in the Invoice settings to brand your invoices

- Tax engine

   - Set up the tax rules for your countr in our Tax engine

- Balance

   - Top up your balance sufficiently.
      1. Products

- Set the prices for domains through Products > Domains > Customer prices

   - If you anticipate resellers, create a price list at Products > Domains > Reseller prices

- Define the products you want to sell for hosting

   - Create a pricelist for subresellers again in case you expect them.
      1. Support

- Set the departments you intend to use at Departments

   - Don't forget to set an SPF record if required

- Brand the default support answers at Templates however you please.

   - Create a few standard answers if possible.