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Domains can have different registrar statusses. You can find this out in the WHOIS. The most import domain statusses are as follow:

Client Transfer Prohibited

This status prevents the domain from transferring to another registrar and can be set in your control panel. Keep in mind that this status does not prevent internal transfers. Some TLD's have a 60 day transfer lock after they have been registered.

Client hold

This status is usually set by the reseller or by the registry in case of abuse, complaints or any other situation where the domain needs to be offline. This will prevent the domain from resolving through DNS effectively making the domain useless. Ask support for the reason and/or to remove the status.

Redemption period

This status is set if the domain has expired and is not renewed in time. A redemption period usually lasts 30 days, after which the domain is deleted. A domain in redemption can usually still be restored, although there are costs involved in doing so which will be deducted from the resellers balance. This is usually way higher than a normal renew.

Add period

When a domain is registered, some TLD's have an add period of five days. Within these five days, the domain can get deleted and a refund applies. After this status is gone, a refund is not possible anymore.


This status can be changed by you as a reseller. It means that a renewal is triggered when the domain expires. This ensures that you won't lose the domain, when you forget to manually renew it. The auto renewal is triggered 1.5 days in advance of the expiration date.