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Throughout your business operation, you may use several email addresses to deal with customers and respond to their questions. This can be done by creating a department (effectively acting as an alias).


You can create your department at Support > Departments. By using an action, you will be presented with the options you can fill in.

  • The internal name of the department
  • The email address used to send from this department
  • The default assignee of the ticket.

Setting the default for outgoing support tickets can be done at the Label Settings

SPF validation

Most mail servers use the SPF standard to check for forgery and abuse. Some larger mail handlers have an SPF record configured in order to stop abuse of their addresses.

In short:

  • If you have your own domain, we recommend creating an SPF record to secure mail being sent through the back-office.
  • The record may be added as TXT to the DNS of the domain (add: "v=spf1 mx a ptr ~all")
  • Avoid using Gmail, Hotmail, Ymail, Yahoo, Outlook and addresses for support departments.