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A number of DNS records are required when using an external domain pointing towards the Hostcontrol clusters and services. These are covered below.


The MX records for incoming e-mail are the following:

MX10: mx01.hostcontrol.com
MX20: mx02.hostcontrol.com

Point your domain MX records at these to receive e-mail. Use this when:

- Using an external domain, but using our mail services (Unmanaged domain with any type of email user/OX license)

When using a plan that supports SMTP, your users should send their logins to our mail cluster as well. This cluster can be contacted via:

- smtp-cl01.hostcontrol.com

Of course, creating a nice CNAME (like mail.<domain.tld>) would be a good option here.


When setting hosting to our server, check on which server the hosting plan is located. This will be either server03.hostcontrol.com or server04.hostcontrol.com.

Based on this information, create the appropriate A records in the DNS zone:


Default nameservers